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A registered official national-level association of M.Sc (medical) degree holders in India.

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NMMTA is a registered association of persons who have medical M.Sc postgraduate degree in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Microbiology awarded under the faculty of medicine and conducted by any medical college/institution (recognized by Medical Council of India).

NMMTA is an all-India, non-profit making professional learned body, registered on 14th August, 2013 by the Registrar of Societies, District East, Government of NCT of Delhi. The membership of the association is open to all those with the prescribed qualification, irrespective of their profession. Currently, there are 1117 members from 27 states and union territories across India and the numbers are rising. This also includes students who are pursuing their medical M.Sc degree.

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Medical M.Sc courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Microbiology have been conducted in the medical colleges in India since 1950s. These courses were once included in the First Schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act (1956) and the medical colleges used to seek MCI's nod to start these courses. Currently, MCI neither regulates these courses nor registers persons with this degree. There is no count of number of persons who have acquired this degree since the inception of these courses. Therefore, a need was felt to bring all medical M.Sc degree holder under one registered association.

A clarion call is being sounded to invite all eligible medical M.Sc persons to register in NMMTA as life-members. All medical M.Sc degree holder, irrespective of their profession are requested to enroll in NMMTA to strengthen it. From the data available in MCI's website (2017), around 13% of teaching faculty in medical colleges are 'non-medical'.

The pressing issues

India's clinical scientists with medical M.Sc postgraduate degrees are now facing an existential crisis of the highest magnitude. A hostile MCI and an indifferent government that is rife with policy paralysis are making matters worse. Those pursuing medical M.Sc courses in medical colleges are trained and skilled to render their services as consultants in diagnostic laboratories, teachers in non-clinical subjects of medical colleges and scientists in research establishments. Shrinking job opportunities and intensive lobbying has resulted in incorrect portrayal of these degrees and denial of opportunities in the area of their expertise.

Medical M.Sc courses are included in the First Schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act (1956), yet the MCI refuses to regulate the course. The practice of seeking MCI's approval to start medical M.Sc courses by the medical colleges have stopped. Registration of such degree holders too have been discontinued by the MCI. Neither the health ministry nor the HRD ministry have any clue on the conduct of these courses. There is no professional council to regulate these courses or register the degree holders. The lobbyists are working overtime to exclude clinical scientists from the diagnostics. One by one, all the professional roles are being denied just to accommodate another professionals while the indifferent government watches as a mute spectator. The present and future of clinical scientists with medical M.Sc in teaching, laboratory diagnostics and research are uncertain.

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What is NMMTA doing?

These are some of NMMTA's activities

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29-01-2020: NMMTA writes the Addl Director of MOHFW and copies to Health Minister and DGHS on the elgibility of clinical scientists in diagnositc labs.

14-01-2020: NMMTA participates in the meeting convened by the MoHFW on the direction of the High Court to finalize the HR guidelines for the diagnostic laboratories.

20-12-2019: Letter was written to the DME of Odisha protesting the qualifications prescribed for Assistant Professor.

17-11-2019: NMMTA has written to the BoG-MCI chairman regarding eight issues faced by the 'non-medical' teachers.

14-11-2019: A letter was written to the Honorable MoHFW minister with five persistent issues faced by clinical scientists/non-medical teachers.

"Delhi Chalo-II"

Despite rendering services in medical education and healthcare for five decades, all successive governments have persistently ignored the issue faced by clinical Scientists. Whether it is regulation of medical M.Sc courses, formation of a council, promotion of research, or services rendered as teachers in medical colleges or consultants in diagnostic laboratories, the government has exhibited policy paralysis and turned blind eye to the rampant academic apartheid. It is clear that government doesn't pay attention unless the aggrieved members protest, hence 'Delhi Chalo-II' on 20th August 2018.

NMMTA had organized a 'Delhi Chalo -I' protest on 23rd March 2017.

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NMMTA has three initiatives to register 'non-medical' persons

NMMTA Members' database

This is the database of all the members of NMMTA, which includes life-members, honorary members and student members. Joining the association requires submission of degree certificate and payment of membership fee. Website and its contents are accessible to members only.

Database of "Laboratory Professionals"

This is the national database of all Biochemists and Microbiologists with medical M.Sc degree serving in diagnostic laboratories in various capacities. Registration is free, simple and seeks verification of mobile numbers. The summary of this database is publicly available.

Database of M.Sc in medical Sciences

National Registry of all persons with M.Sc in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology & Microbiology irrespective of the college, faculty or the university. Registration is totally free, simple and the process of verification by email. Enroll now. Click here to view it.