National M.Sc Medical Teachers' Association ® (NMMTA)

A registered official national-level association of M.Sc (medical) degree holders in India.

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Calling all NMMTA members to urgently contribute money for the court case.


NMMTA is a registered association of persons who have medical M.Sc postgraduate degree in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Microbiology awarded under the faculty of medicine and conducted by any medical college/institution (recognized by Medical Council of India).

NMMTA is an all-India, non-profit making professional learned body, registered on 14th August, 2013 by the Registrar of Societies, District East, Government of NCT of Delhi. The membership of the association is open to all those with the prescribed qualification, irrespective of their profession. Currently, there are over 993 members from 27 states and union territories across India and the numbers are rising. This also includes students who are pursuing their medical M.Sc degree.

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Medical M.Sc courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or Microbiology have been conducted in the medical colleges in India since 1950s. These courses were once included in the First Schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act (1956) and the medical colleges used to seek MCI's nod to start these courses. Currently, MCI neither regulates these courses nor registers persons with this degree. There is no count of number of persons who have acquired this degree since the inception of these courses. Therefore, a need was felt to bring all medical M.Sc degree holder under one registered association.

A clarion call is being sounded to invite all eligible medical M.Sc persons to register in NMMTA as life-members. All medical M.Sc degree holder, irrespective of their profession are requested to enrol in NMMTA to strengthen it. From the data available in MCI's website (2017), around 13% of teaching faculty in medical colleges are 'non-medical'.

What is NMMTA doing?

These are some of NMMTA's activities

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04-01-2018: Letters were sent to the PMO and the members of the sub-committee on Naitonal Medical Commission.

12-12-2017: Letters were sent to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka on eligibility of Ph.D guide.

12-12-2017: Letters were sent by the NMMTA to the Minister for Health and Social Justice, Principal Secretary, and DME of Kerala on teachers' eligibility.

"Delhi Chalo"

NMMTA members from all over India held a protest event at Jantar Mantar, Delhi against the discriminatory guidelines (human resource) of the CEA for diagnostic laboratories. The participating members of NMMTA included teaching faculties, laboratory personnel and PG students. The protest event included staging dharna, procession with banner and placards, media interaction and press meet.
A memorandum from NMMTA was also submitted to the health ministry

CEA Issue!

What is Clinical Establishment Act (CEA)?

Where is Clinical Establishment Act applicable?

What is the current status of adoption of this Act?

What is NMMTA’s grievance with CEA guidelines?

Why is NMMTA aggrieved?

What is NMMTA’s demand?

Why is NMMTA’s demand justified?

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NMMTA has three initiatives to register 'non-medical' persons

NMMTA Members' database

This is the database of all the members of NMMTA, which includes life-members, honorary members and student members. Joining the association requires submission of degree certificate and payment of membership fee. Website and its contents are accessible to members only.

"Laboratory Professionals"

This is the national database of all Biochemists and Microbiologists with medical M.Sc degree serving in diagnostic laboratories in various capacities. Registration is free, simple and seeks verification of mobile numbers. The summary of this database is publicly available.

M.Sc in medical Sciences

National Registry of all persons with M.Sc in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology & Microbiology irrespective of the college, faculty or university. Registration is free, simple and verification by email. Click here to view it.