Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

1. Who can be a life member of this association?

Ans: The life membership of the Association shall be confined to those who have postgraduate qualification (medical M.Sc degree) in any of the following disciplines: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology conducted by any medical college/institution (recognized by the Medical Council of India for conducting either MBBS or MD/MS course) awarded under the faculty of medicine.

2. Who can be a student member of this association?

Ans: The student membership of the Association shall be confined to those who are pursuing post graduate medical M.Sc degree in any of the following disciplines: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology conducted by any medical college/institution (recognized by Medical Council of India for conducting either MBBS or MD/MS course) awarded under the faculty of medicine. They are eligible to enrol themselves as student member by paying an annual fee of Rs.500 (five hundred) only. After completion of the course, they may become life members after payment of additional Rs.1500 (One thousand and five hundred) only.

3. Who can be a honorary member of this association?

Ans: Persons of special distinction, with same eligibility criteria as prescribed for life members, in any of the five disciplines (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology or Pharmacology) shall be nominated as Honorary members by the Executive Committee; the total number of which shall not exceed 5 (five).

4. Should one be a teacher in medical institution to be a member?

Ans: No, this association is open all those with prescribed qualification, irrespective of their profession. This is a national association of all members with medical M.Sc degree in India.

5. Where is this association registered?

Ans: This association is registered by the Registrar of Society, O/o Deputy Commissioner (East), Government of NCT of Delhi, LM Bandh, Shastri Nagar, Delhi 37. The registered head office of the association is located at Delhi.

6. How do I become a member?

Ans: If you are eligible for membership as per our guidelines, you can apply for membership. There are three ways of applying for life membership; 1. Downloading the PDF file, filling it by-hand and then sending it by post to the Membership Division. 2. Downloading the application form in the Microsoft document format (docx), typing the fields and sending the completed form by email to the Membership Division. 3. Applying online from the website.

To apply for the student membership the application form may be downloaded, filed as described above.

When sending by post, the application form must be accompanied by self-attested medical MSc degree certificate/student ID card (as applicable).
These are following ways of making payment:

  1. Buy a demand draft favouring "National MSc Medical Teachers Association" payable at Erode or Perundurai.
  2. Transfer the money online using NEFT from your saving bank account. Please note that you have to add our bank account (Union Bank of India, Account number: 629102010002286, IFSC code: UBIN0562912) as beneficiary before sending the money. After our account number is added, make the payment and note down the transaction id number or UTR code.
  3. Deposit cash in our account at the branch available at your place, scan the counterfoil and send to the treasurer for confirmation.
  4. Pay in cash to one of the members of Executive committee and obtain cash receipt.
  5. Send money from UPI enabled bank's mobile app; send money from your account to nmmta@uboi and note the reference ID. Please take a screenshot for additional reference.
  6. Transfer money online from your bank account or debit/credit cards to our bank account. Fore more information, click here.

The registration committee will scrutinize the application. Those approved will receive an intimation by email along with their membership number and password for website login. For membership,

7. What are the different modes of submitting application forms?

Ans. Following are the modes available:

  1. Online submission through this website
  2. Physical submission via post/courier
  3. Scan the completed application form along with degree certificate & proof of payment and send by email ( to the membership division.

8. What if my membership is not approved?

Ans: In case the membership is not approved, the membership fee (through cheque or NEFT/IMPS) will be returned back. Reason for rejection will be communicated to the applicant by email.

9. I have submitted my application. How long will it take for approval?

Ans. The maximum time for approval is three months, but mostly the process will happen much sooner. Please wait for three weeks before contacting the association. In case of inordinate delay, you may contact the membership division.

10. How can I obtain my membership certificate?

Ans. The membership certificate as well as the receipt for payment of membership fee will be personally handed over to the members at the time of Annual General Body meeting. Under extraordinary conditions, they may be sent by post on a case to case basis. The digital copy of the certificate can be downloaded from the website.

11. Who are the office bearers of the association and how do I contact them?

Ans. The details of the office bearers of the association is available in the website. You may contact them using this form in the website.

12. I am not able to view all the pages of the website. What can be done?

Ans. All pages of the website are accessible only to the members of the association. You must log into the website to explore its contents. Remember to logout after browsing the website. Please do read the terms and conditions of using the website.

13. I do not have my login account information. What should I do?

Ans. When membership is approved, an online account is automatically created for each member. The details including username and password is sent to the registered member. If the welcome email is not found, one must look for it in spam/junk folder. If the email is not found, you can request the membership division to send the mail again. Once logged in, the member may visit the members area and change the password. If problems persist with your account, contact website admin.

14. I had logged in but I was unexpectedly logged out. Why did this happen?

Ans. The website is programmed to log out user after 40 minutes of activity. This is a safety feature; you may login again.

15. Where can I obtain the rules and regulations of the association?

Ans: Registered rules, regulations and by-laws of the association are available online for members,

16. I would like to be a part of the executive committee. How is this possible?

Ans. Number of members in the executive committee is fixed. In case of vacancy, members may be tentatively nominated until elections. After the end of the term, elections would be called for all the posts. The composition and the process is described in the by-laws of the association.

17. I am not receiving any emails from the association. Why is this so?

Ans. Sometimes emails sent from our mail servers get delivered to your spam/junk folders. You must search these folders before contacting us. You must click on "not spam" on our emails. If you add our email address in you address book, the emails will reach your inbox. Error in email ID may also prevent it from being delivered to you.

18. How do I access the association's official forum?

Ans. Currently, it is in a state of disuse due to members' disinterest. It is no longer monitored.

19. I have lost my password. How can I recover it?

Ans. The same password can not be recovered, you must reset it. To reset it go to login page- . Click on 'Forgot password'. Enter your registered email ID and mobile number. You would receive the new, temporary password at the email address with which you are registered. Once you have logged in with this password, you must change it in the members area. If you don't find email from us in your inbox, please check it in your spam/junk folder.

20. I have forgotten the username and password of forum account. How can I recover it?

Ans. The forum is no longer in use.

21. I keep forgetting my password. Is there an alternative to login to the website?

Ans. Since 11-09-2016, we have introduced OTP (One Time Password) based login. Members must enter their registered mobile number and click on Continue button to verify it. If the number is verified, members can click on Generate OTP button and receive the OTP via SMS on the registered mobile phone. If SMS is not delivered within 20 seconds, it can be tried again. It is possible that you may receive a voice call with OTP numbers. Login via OTP costs us money. It may be used sparingly.

22. How do I come to know of association's activities?

Ans. All the activities of the association are documented and uploaded in the activities section. Important information is also sent to members via email. Notices regarding upcoming events are also uploaded in the notices section.

23. Whom should I contact on matters related to association's functioning?

Ans. Generally, the President, General secretary and Treasurer are empowered to communicate on behalf of the association on certain issues. To contact

24. I have many questions to ask about the association. How can I do that?

Ans. The association's by-laws contain all the information that you might need. You are requested to go through it first before contacting the General Secretary.

25. How do I contact for issues of my state?

Ans. NMMTA encourages members from individual states to form state chapters. More information on the formation is available on the website. There are self-appointed state representatives. Their information is also available on the website.

26. Is NMMTA associated of affiliated with any other association?

Ans. No, NMMTA is not associated or affiliated to any association.

27. How can I access NMMTA's Facebook page or follow on Twitter? Does it have WhatsApp group?

Ans. NMMTA now has presence in social media. Click here to login and view the official page at Facebook. Our official Twitter account can be accessed by clicking here. There are two official WhatsApp groups- for the Executive Committee and State Representatives. An WhatsApp account is being used for official broadcast service.

28. Why am I not receiving any messages on the WhatsApp?

Ans. Upon enrollment as a member, the applicant's mobile number is manually added in the contacts list. This process is not automatic, hence can get delayed. The applicant must have saved the NMMTA's WhatsApp number on their phone's contacts. Only that mobile number provided by the applicant in the membership application will be sent messages. If you use another number for whatsapp, you will have to get the mobile number in the database changed.