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NMMTA certificate
NMMTA is a national-level association of persons, registered at Delhi with office bearers from different parts of India and members from 23 states across India. The association was created with the intention of bringing together all persons with medical M.Sc degree in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology that are conducted in medical institutions and awarded under the faculty of medicine. For more information, please visit FAQ page.

The association, which is an all-India, non-profit making professional learned body, is registered by the Registrar of Societies, District East, Government of NCT of Delhi. The date of incorporation of this association is 14th August, 2013 and the registration number is 660/2013

Aims of this association include:

  • to bring medical scientists from different departments under one body
  • to promote medical science by interdisciplinary exchanges
  • to explore research and job possibilities for members
  • to co-ordinate recent developments in medical science with scientific exchanges from universities, colleges and healthcare industries
  • to represent the academic and employment related issues of members
  • to bring out scientific publications

Founding members of NMMTA

  • Dr. Sridhar Rao PN (Karnataka)
  • Dr. Rajkumar R (Puducherry)
  • Mr. Ashwani Kumar (Delhi)
  • Mr. Panneerselvam P (Tamilnadu)
  • Mr. Arjun Maitra (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Mr. Priyaranjan Lenka (Odhisha)
  • Dr. Harikrishna B (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Mr. Arbind Kumar (Jharkahand)
  • Mr. Vinay PS (Karnataka)
along with Dr.Sadanand Adiga, Dr. Harish Rao & Dr. Soham Gupta

Governing Council

Term of the Governing council: 12-09-2022 to 12-09-2025

Executive Committee (office bearers):

  • President: Mr. Tukaram Prabhu K Email
  • Vice-President: Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey
  • General secretary & Treasurer: Dr. Ayan Das 8860050512, Email

Executive Committee (non-office bearers):

  • Dr. Shomi Anand (since 26-09-2021)
  • Dr. Avdhoot Kulkarni (since 26-09-2021)
  • Dr. Rajat Prakash (since 26-09-2021)
  • Mrs. Shalini Shettar (since 26-09-2021)
  • Dr. Nagaraja Puranik (since 12-09-2022)
  • Mr. Ravi Indla (since 12-09-2022)
  • Dr. Shyamasree Nandy (since 12-09-2022)
  • Dr. Dwajani S (since 12-09-2022)
  • Dr. Shivendra Mohan (since 12-09-2022)
  • Dr. Sridhar Rao PN (Ex-officio)
  • Dr. Arjun Maitra(Ex-officio)
  • Dr. Sadanand Adiga (Founding member)
  • Mr. Panneerselvam P (Founding member)
  • Mr. Priyaranjan Lenka (Founding member)

Past terms

State Representatives

State Representatives of NMMTA, who will be in charge of membership and issues of their respective states. These nominations are valid until the next General Body meeting. Click here to nominate yourself.

State State Representative Mobile Email
GujaratRajat Prakash8890305603prakash2006rajat@yahoo.co.in
HaryanaRakesh Kumar 8571847472rakeshkumarattri420@gmail.com
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