Activities of the National M.Sc Medical Teachers' Association

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16-05-2019: A follow-up representation with annexures was sent to MoHFW detailing the issues faced by the members in the medical colleges.

10-05-2019: Letters were sent to the Secretaries to the Health Ministry of all the states regarding the scope of Union Government's CEA.

02-05-2019: President and the General Secretary of NMMTA met the Secretary, & Additional Secretary of MoHFW at New Delhi.

30-03-2019: NMMTA submitted its feedback by email and post to the Union Health Ministry on the proposed Clinical Establishments Second Amendment Rules, 2019.

07-02-2019: NMMTA's dossier supporting the eligibility of medical M.Sc in the diagnostics as well were sent to the Union Health Ministry.

06-02-2019: A dossier supporting the eligibility of medical M.Sc in the diagnostics as well as the situation in other countries was sent to MCI's secretary.

29-12-2018: Letters were sent to the Dean/Director/Principal of all the medical colleges with NMMTA's press-release.

20-12-2018: Press release were sent to several news outlets against the deliberate misinformation spread against the non-medical faculties.

15-12-2018: Emails were sent to Directorate of Medical Education of all the states about the amendment made by the MCI in the TEQ for the inclusion of DNB qualifications.

10-12-2018: A delegation of NMMTA led by General Secretary met Additional Secretary (ME) of MoHFW as well as Chairman & Secretary General of MCI's BoG and raised all the issues.

05-12-2018: NMMTA has written to the Chairman of MCI's BoG on the various challenges faced by the non-medical teachers and the discrepancies in the TEQ.

11-11-2018: NMMTA has written to the MCI, as well as MoHFW's Health Secretary, Additional Secretary and Joint Secretary on the circulation of the fake news.

23-10-2018: NMMTA has submitted MCI's BOG a comprehensive memorandum on all the issues affecting the non-medical teachers.

03-10-2018: NMMTA has written to the Health Ministry regarding denial of competing opportunities for teaching jobs in govt medical colleges.

31-08-2018: NMMTA has written to the Chairman of MCI’s BoG highlighting all the issues with a copy to JS-MoHFW.

28-08-2018: NMMTA has written to the health ministry on the denial of teaching jobs and violation of MCI norms. A follow-up letter was also sent to the NITI Aayog.

23-08-2018: NMMTA President attended the technical committee meeting of the NABL to discuss the CEA guidelines.

21-08-2018: NMMTA President visited NITI Aayog and met the Director (Health); visited Nirman Bhavan and met Joint Secretary MoHFW and discussed issues related to biomedical scientists.

20-08-2018: NMMTA held protest at Parliament Street, New Delhi. It was followed by a symposium and culminated in Annual General Body meeting and Executive Committee Meeting.

03-08-2018: Memoranda on the issues of non-medical teachers were sent afresh to the Prime Minister and the Health Minister.

25-07-2018: Letters were sent to 76 medical colleges that are/were conducting medical M.Sc courses.

18-07-2018: NMMTA filed a grievance with the Prime Minister's Office through its online portal.

18-07-2018: Memorandum with relevant and supporting documents were sent to the Health Minister, MCI & members of the MCI's sub-committee on the importance of non-medical teachers.

28-06-2018: Letter sent to Health Minister, Health Secretary and the Joint-Secretaries regarding formation of council for biomedical scientists.

05-04-2018: Writ Petition filed in the Delhi Court against exclusion of medical M.Sc and applicability of SC's ruling on diagnostic laboratories.

04-04-2018: Infographic memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister, asking him to intervene on the issues faced.

27-03-2018: Writ Petition filed by NMMTA in Karnataka High Court withdrawn.

21-03-2018: Letters/emails were sent to Commissioner & Secretary, DME, MP regarding the discrepancies in the appointment of teachers in medical colleges.

15-03-2018: Letters were sent to the oversight committee and the President of MCI regarding eligibility of non-medical candidates and the negative propaganda against them.

15-03-2018: Letter/email was sent to the Secretary & additional secretaries of DME Rajasthan regarding eligibility, discrepancies and propaganda against medical M.Sc degree holders.

07-03-2018: Emails were sent to all the participants of the meeting chaired by DGHS on the guidelines for diagnostic laboratories.

21-02-2018: Letters were sent by fax to PMO & MoHFW asking them to ensure injustice was not done to biomedical scientists on the signatory roles in diagnostic laboratories.

16-02-2018: NMMTA wrote to the Director of JIPMER Puducherry requesting to amend the recruitment notification for AIIMS Pune.

15-02-2018: NMMTA wrote to the Health Minister, Health Secretary & ICMR director on Ph.D, post-doc fellowship & Research Scientists posts.

06-02-2018: NMMTA wrote to the VC & Registrar of VIMSAR, Odisha on the eligibility for the Assistant Professor.

27-01-2018: NMMTA has sent email to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare over the NMC Bill.

20-01-2018: Emails were sent to members of the Rajasthan's Medical Education Department, over the proposed meeting of the committee.

05-01-2018: Letter was sent to the Prime Minister by post and fax on NMC bill

04-01-2018: Emails were sent to every member of the sub-committee on National Medical Commission on NMC bill.

12-12-2017: Letters were sent to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka on eligibility of Ph.D guide

12-12-2017: Letters were sent by the NMMTA to the Minister for Health and Social Justice, Principal Secretary (Health & Family Welfare) and Directorate of Medical Education of Kerala on teachers' eligibility.

04-12-2017: Letter has been sent to the Chairman or the Oversight Committee on MCI and emails to the secretaries of the MoHFW on the issues faced by the medical M.Sc community. Official Twitter account has been launched.

12-11-2017: Fourth annual General Body meeting was held at Bhopal.

01-10-2017: The sub-committee formed by the National Council for Clinical Establishments to address the issues of diagnostic laboratories was held in Nirman Bhavan, Delhi on 1st November, which was represented by NMMTA's General Secretary.

08-09-2017: NMMTA's secretary represented the association in the 10th meeting of National Council for Clinical Establishments on the guidelines of CEA.

01-08-2017: A team of NMMTA office bearers consisting of the President, Vice-President and General Secretary traveled to New Delhi to meet the top officers and ministers at PMO, NITI Aayog, MoHFW and HRD ministry.

27-07-2017: NMMTA has written to the President and the Executive Committee members of the MCI about the plight of medical M.Sc members involved in the medical education and diagnostic laboratories.

23-07-2017: NMMTA has written to the Haryana's Health Secretary and DGHS over its recent circular on the diagnostic laboratories.

21-07-2017: NMMTA has written to the HRD minister over the conduct of medical M.Sc courses in India. An online grievance was also filed with the ministry.

12-07-2017: Appointment was sought with the Prime Minister.

10-07-2017: NABL has been requested to send emails to all accredited laboratories on the continuation of guidelines as in document 112 and withdrawal of its previous circular.

09-07-2017: NMMTA team met the BJP MP Shri. Pralhad Joshi and urged him to take up the unjust policies of CEA and MCI with the health minister.

05-07-2017: NMMTA appraised the High Court lawyer of the recent developments and urged him to expedite the process.

04-07-2017: Both the President and the Secretary engaged with the press and briefed them about the ongoing crisis.

30-06-2017: NMMTA has sent a letter via email to the Director of NABL on the recent reply from the MCI.

02-06-2017: NMMTA has sent a dossier to MoHFW on the CEA's draft guidelines for diagnostic laboratories.

20-05-2017: NMMTA has written to several Lok Sabha MPs on the discriminatory guidelines of CEA.

07-04-2017: NMMTA has submitted memoranda with annexures to Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste and Smt Anupriya Patel, both MoS in MOHFW. A letter has also been sent to Dr. KK Aggarwal, IMA President.

20-03-2017: NMMTA members held a protest event "Delhi Chalo" at Delhi. It included dharna, procession and press conference. Memorandum was submitted to MoHFW.

19-03-2017: Executive Committee Meeting was held.

30-01-2017: Letter was sent from NMMTA to the Chairman, Oversight Committee for Medical Council of India.

24-01-2017: Letters were sent from NMMTA to the Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Secretary and deputy secretary of the Rajasthan's Department of Medical Education.

12-01-2017: A letter was sent from NMMTA to the Prime Ministers Office seeking appointment with the PM.

07-01-2017: NMMTA has thanked Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Narayanan, CPI(M) from Kerala for supporting us.

06-10-2016: The annual report of the association along with details of the governing body and the audited financial statement was sent to the Registrar of Societies, Delhi.

06-10-2016: A letter was sent by email to the Secretary of the Dental Council of India.

20-09-2016: Feedback and suggestions were sent to the Committee on Estimates (2016-17) of the Lok Sabha.

03-09-2016: Letters were sent to the health secretaries of all the state governments and UTs.

20-08-2016: Email was sent to NITI Ayog committee on the proposed National Medical Commission Bill, 2016.

14-08-2016: Third annual General Body Meeting was held.

10-08-2016: Emails were sent to 33 health secretaries.

03-08-2016: Emails were sent to over 380 journalists all over India.

28-07-2016: The writ petition was filed in the Karnataka High Court by NMMTA.

24-07-2016: Executive Committee meeting was held.

19-07-2016: Email was sent by the president to the Hon'ble Supreme Court Mandated Oversight Committee on MCI.

17-07-2016: Met the high court lawyer over filing a writ petition on clinical establishments in Bangalore High Court.

15-07-2016: Email was sent to Niti Ayog Vice-Chairman.

12-07-2016: Met a high court lawyer at Bangalore with all relevant documents and discussed the prospects of filing a case against the on Clinical Establishment Act.

07-07-2016: Emails were sent to 239 honorable MPs of the Rajya Sabha and 542 honorable MPs of the Lok Sabha.

04-07-2016: The signature campaign sent by post to both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

03-07-2016: The president gave a telephonic interview with the journalist from The Hindu.

01-07-2016: Emails and letter were sent to the Telangana Directorate of Medical Education.

24-06-2016: Letter by email was sent to the President of MCI.

16-06-2016: Letters were sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

13-06-2016: A memorandum was sent to the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

13-06-2016: Letters were sent via email to the Chairman and all the members of the National Council for Clinical Establishments.

13-06-2016: A detailed memorandum was sent to the oversight committee appointed by the Supreme Court.

12-06-2016: Copies of our memorandum were sent to Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries of the MoHFW, concerned with medical education.

06-06-2016: A letter was sent to the Lok Sabha Secretariat titled, "Medical reforms in the country".

25-04-2016: A letter was sent from the NMMTA to the Prime Minister.

26-01-2016: RTI requests were filed with both the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

18-01-2016: The audited account statement as well as the current list of Governing Council of the association for the year 2015-16 was sent to the Registrar of Societies, Delhi.

08-01-2016: Another request for appointment with the minister of Human Resource Development was made.

20-12-2015: Online grievance filed with MoHFW and Ministry of HRD. Email was sent to Secretary, Higher Education, and MoHRD. Online requests for personal appointment with Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Human Resource and Development was placed.

06-12-2015: Second Annual General Body meeting was held.

15-11-2015: Second EC meeting of 2015 was held.

13-11-2015: Another memorandum was sent to MCI and the ministry of Human Resource Development.

07-10-2015: A four-member delegation from NMMTA met MCI President and Secretary. Memoranda were submitted to HRD minstry and MoHFW.

28-07-2015: A letter was sent to the Parliamentary Affairs Committee on Health and Family Welfare.

03-07-2015: Letters were sent by post and email to MCI President, ministers of health and family welfare and human resource development.

28-06-2015: Executive Committee Meeting was held.

28-05-2015: Reminders were sent to PMO, HRD ministry as well as MoHFW.

06-05-2015: A letter was sent to the minister of Health and Family Welfare.

28-02-2015: A letter was sent to the Medical Council of India.

28-02-2015: A letter was sent to the Medical Council of India.

17-01-2015: Annual report of the association along with the audited account statement was sent to the Registrar of Society, Delhi.

08-10-2014: Memoranda were sent again to the Union minister of Health and Family welfare, CMO and HRD ministry.

04-07-2014: A memoranda was sent to the honourable union minister of Health and Family Welfare. Copies of the memoranda were also sent to PMO, President and Vice-President of MCI.

14-05-2014: Official address (Head Office) of the association was successfully changed and new certificate of registration was issued by the Registrar of Society, Delhi.

01-06-2014: First Annual General Body Meeting was held.

22-04-2014: Memoranda from NMMTA were sent to Union minister (MoHFW), Principal Secretary (MoHFW), CMO (MoHFW), and Director General of Health Services (MoHFW).

14-02-2014: Memoranda were sent to Director and Deputy Director of the Directorate Of Medical Education as well as to the Principal Secretary, Government Health & FW Department, Karnataka.

07-01-2014: Memoranda were sent to NABL Secretariat, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology and Hon'ble Minister for Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences.

08-12-2013: Second Executive committee meeting was held.

03-10-2013: Membership of the association was formally announced on Facebook. Official website was announced.

03-10-2013: First Executive committee meeting was held.

24-08-2013: Association registered as "National M.Sc Medical Teachers Association" by the Registrar of societies, District East, Delhi.

03-06-2013: On request from ministry of human resource development, scanned copies of member's PG degree certificates were provided to the registrar's office.

09-05-2013: Following objections from the registrar's office over the proposed name, all founder members were consulted and three names were finalized and sent to the consultant.

22-04-2013: Application on the formation of association was submitted to the registrar's office.

10-03-2013: Pre-registration meeting was held.